2fa creates an additional level of security that can save you from hackers!
Accounts that should have 2-factor authentication:
. email – if I can hack your email I can hack everything. When you reset a password for most accounts, the automatic response from the computer is to send a link to your email to create a new password.
. PayPal – PayPal now offers 2 factor authentication. If you have PayPal tied to other accounts, like Amazon, you want this.
. Social Security – Social Security now offers 2 factor authentication to access your account.
. Websites – Business owners should protect their websites from being stolen or compromised with viruses by using 2 factor authentication. The Microsoft scam virus is infected websites and websites of owners who left default passwords in place. Keeping your website secure protects people around you.
. every account that offers it – if they offer it, you should take it!
Banks – you will likely not see 2FA here. Surprised? Few banks use classical 2FA. Most big banks use standard Userid/password plus “MFA authentication” like device identification, ISP, Browser type, location kind of check. (Do you want to register this device?) The later is passive and often the user is not aware of the device(laptop/smartphone identification) identification. But take your laptop out side your normal area, like Wilmington, and you will find yourself being asked security questions when you log in.
Accounts you should secure with 2fa – 2 factor authentication