How to transfer pictures from your phone to your computer.
Every now and then we have a customer who says they don’t know how to transfer pictures from the phone to the computer. With my Android phone, when I plug it in, I am notified and can easily see the device. So I’ve been confused by this customer statement until recently.
Last week I grabbed a USB cord and attached it to my phone to transfer pictures and it didn’t beep and I didn’t see my phone on “my computer”. Try again. Turn it off. Turn it on. Plug it in. Unplug and plug again. Nothing. Test my sanity on Verizon by looking up the process. Nope – I’m doing it right but something is still wrong.
Then it dawned on me that of all the 20 or more USB connectors I have in my orbit, I grabbed the one that charges the remote speakers. And guess what. Apparently that cord can charge but can not transfer data! Who would have thought. I mean they all look EXACTLY the same. OK one is orange. But otherwise, the same.  Not only that but the icon on the cord is the same.
So if you are struggling with transferring pictures from your phone to your computer – are you using the wrong type of cord?
During my troubleshooting I came across this great web link by Verizon that shows how to transfer pictures from nearly any phone to nearly any operating system. It’s interactive and very helpful – if you have the right cord of course!
Here is the link to transfer pictures from your phone yourself.
Remember SSP customers – we don’t backup your phone. So every once and a while you should move pictures to your computer that we ARE backing up. If you need help with that our technicians can assist during your normal tuneup service. Just be sure to have the right type of cord handy! LOL
A cord is a cord is a cord… right?