Dell 13" laptop

Sometime during the lockdown, I bought a new laptop for myself. Now I can pick out laptops for other people in a New York minute, but for me, the process of choosing the perfect laptop for my needs, was trial and error and took about 6 months. (I tried and returned 3 machines before keeping this one.)
I can spec out a laptop pretty easily as far as the processor, hard drive and RAM go. But, for me, the keyboard response and the mouse have become the most important feature. Let’s just say I’m getting old and nearly 50 years of typing has caused damage.
Historically I was a Toshiba girl, (who had amazing keyboards) but it was time to find a new vendor as Toshiba hasn’t produced new laptop hardware in over 3 years.
My solution turned out to be better than I thought. I [finally] bought a Dell 13″ XPS solid state drive laptop and added a docking station and Apple’s Magic Keyboard (yep it’s Magic) and an ergonomic mouse.
The Dell 13″ laptop is very similar in feel to the MacBook Air. It fits in my purse when traveling so I do not need another ‘carry on’. At the office I can plug it up to two full size monitors and get everything done efficiently. I have the same docking station and monitors at home, so I just move the 13″ laptop back and forth each day. I love it.
Lately we have been selling a lot of these to folks who like the MacBook Air feeling, and who are travel warriors. If this is you, stop in to see me some morning and I’ll show you my setup.
A word about computer orders: Currently computers are rising in prices weekly. Inventory is down and some delivery times are extended. China recently did a lockdown for Covid which affected delivery. All this to say, prices and delivery are subject to change without notice.

13″ Dell Laptop review