Here is our own personal list of items we have been seeing locally. Remember, when in doubt, CALL US! We so often hear people say they didn’t want to bother us with something minor. Don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll tell you it’s a scam, what to do about it, and be off the phone in less than five minutes, it’s really no bother and at the end of the day it’s why we’re here. We want to help you.

1. Local business turns to making masks – You feel sorry for this “small business” hit by the virus, think they are clever for reinventing themselves, but in reality, it’s scam. By the time you request a refund it’s way too late, they are gone. Found on Facebook.
2. Items for sale that are not real – Facebook Marketplace has become a real jungle. Cheap golf carts, RVs, PS5’s and more. ALWAYS use “GOODS AND SERVICES” when paying for items. If you don’t you have no protection from PayPal. Veno has no protections at all.
3.Cloning Facebook accounts – They grab a picture from your profile and start hitting your friends for “friend requests” then they start hitting them for money. If you see this, 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, report profile to Facebook and they will remove very quickly.
4.Amazonemail – Your order for a [ MacBook] is being delivered on Wednesday, to someone else! Click this link to get scammed or call us at this number to also get scammed. I know it’s hard, but ignore these and keep a close on your accounts just to be sure. But do NOT call them and GIVE THEM details.
5. Adult viewing email scam – We know you were on an adult site. While you were there we infected the site and took pictures of you. We’re going to show everyone unless you pay us in bitcoin or gift cards. Nope. It’s just not true … even if you are guilty. Haha.
6.Scammer phone number tagged to your browser – The technicians see a fair amount of scammer contact information pinned to your taskbar. If you see a 1 800 number in the bottom bar of windows call us ASAP. This is a sure sign scammers have been on your machine.
7.Payment via Apple Gift cards – NO legitimate business or sheriff’s office has you pay by gift card. NONE. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT WITH GIFT CARDS! They’re untraceable and the universal currency of scammers.
8.As seen on “Shark Tank” – Getting a boost from Shark Tank recognition, may companies are now falsely claiming products from Shark Tank to get your money.
9.Remote support hacker notes left on your computer! – When you let scammers on, they leave messages on your computer for fellow hackers! We always delete these when we find them.
10. Pandemic scams – Vaccinations and stimulus or free money scams. Too numerous to mention. We’ve already seen ads on Craigslist for vaccines. UGH.
11. Your IP has a virus – You IP has a virus and if you don’t correct it we’ll turn off your internet to protect people from getting it. Let us on the computer and we’ll fix it for you. This is a SCAM. Your IP cannot get infected, and if it does no one will call you about it.
12. Locking your social security number – We get calls for this all the time at the shop. They will threaten arrest or legal action. But they can never tell you what your social security number is even though they are certain it’s locked. Heck, they don’t even know who they’re talking to, ask them!

Remember this simple rule: Who contacted who? If you get unsolicited emails, text messages or phone calls do not engage. Use trusted phone numbers and websites for business conversations.

Do use “Goods and Services” when paying with PayPal. This affords you protections that “friends and family” does not.

12 Scams of the holiday