Learn a little more about Your Computer Friends!

Susan – The Boss

Susan graduated Magna Cum Laude in Business Administration from Strayer University. She also has an Associates degree in education with a minor in special education from Kean College and Centenary College. She has a Master’s Certification in Project Management from Steven’s Institute of Technology. Susan has also been recognized as a Microsoft Office expert.  Susan tells everyone she is not a technician, but every technician will tell you she has an uncanny ability to diagnose problems.

Susan started Your Computer Friends in 2006 after leaving AT&T and Verizon Federal systems in Washington DC where she was project lead for the Census 2000 installation, the Do Not Call Registry (don’t tell her it doesn’t work, she knows!) and the Dead Beat Dad Network among others. Susan was manager of the “Go To” team for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) circuit installs with AT&T Federal for several years.

When not taking care of her customers, Susan enjoys boating, cooking, friends, photography, dining out, family and playing with her dog Lucy. Lucy is a Belgian Malinois who knows a lot of tricks and is currently working on fetching water from the refrigerator. Lucy is a frequent visitor at the shop and you may also see Susan and Lucy at local events such as the Downtown Farmer’s Market, (Lucy carries the purchases), Dock Diving or at Wrightsville Beach’s Canine Disc Championship.  Lucy is bit better at these sports than Susan, but they both have a good time!

Chase – Road Technician

Chase is a recent UNCW graduate. His passion has always lied within technology and computers. However he is specifically interested in the internet and the multiple networks and protocols that make the internet possible. He spends a lot of his free time experimenting with technologies that relate to this and he is specialist on all things network including larger point to point marina and commercial wireless applications.

When Chase is not playing with networks, you can probably find him at concert somewhere. Music is his other major passion and when not working he will likely be found at a live concert.

Joe – Shop Technician/Customer Support/Web Designer/Process Improvement/Vendor Relations

When not wearing multiple hats, Joe enjoys meeting new people from around the world through online gaming, chat rooms and participating in AirBnB.  Joe sincerely enjoys learning about different cultures, interests and once studied the Japanese language with one of our customers.

Joe likes to take an annual trip to the mountains of West Virginia each year to, camp, swim and breathe in the fresh mountain air. I know it is hard to believe, but Joe admits to enjoying being unplugged for a while.

Joe also enjoys photography and spending time with his family. He is a huge movie buff and puts on outdoor movie night (by accessing his home movie collection and projecting it in grandmas back yard) for the nieces when they visit Wilmington. Add some popcorn and fire pit and those are good times!

Lucy Shop dog!

Lucy is a Belgian Malinois who comes to the office most days.  Despite her calm appearance at the office, she is actually very active all day.  Lucy enjoys swimming at Fort Fisher or UNCW Wildflower park.  In fact, any time she is close to water she is ready to jump in!  Lucy has done some dock diving and can sometimes be talked into fetching water from the back refrigerator for the customers.

All technicians are background checked, polite and friendly to adults, children and pets.  You will always feel safe with the professionals we send to your home or business.

Where are they now?  Updates on past technicians with YCF

John is currently working in VA for Amazon.

Ryan is currently Tier III support for Apple.

Brett was last in the Raleigh Durham area in IT.